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PostSubject: SHNI DHERTI --PAKISTAN   SHNI DHERTI --PAKISTAN Icon_minitimeTue Dec 25, 2007 7:37 am

Home: About Pakistan : Top 50 Reasons to Tour Pakistan
Top 50 Reasons to Tour Pakistan

"Destination Pakistan"

Shandour Polo Festival Passion for Polo will be the highest on the world's highest Polo ground. Every year, Shandur (3,700 meters) invites visitors to experience a traditional polo tournament.The festival also includes folk music, folk dance, traditional sports and.............

Click to view the upcoming project "Mangla View Resort"
Courtesy: Ministry of Tourism

Take a journey through the land of festivities and enjoy the true colours of Pakistan.

Enlightened, Moderate and Progressive Soft Face of Pakistan

To overcome the image of a country seen as only being involved in War on Terror, there has been a conscious effort to emphasize a softer face. This includes drawing inspiration for Pakistan's cultural heritage and taking advantage of its richness in culture, developing sports and tourism and arts.


a. National Academy of Performing Arts

The brainchild of Zia Moyuhuddin, at the inspiration of President, is aimed at establishing for the first time, in Karachi an institution which can create able performers and audience alike. As they say “in performing arts a performance occurs only when an event takes place.’” The interaction between performer and audience is vital. The location which has been chosen very carefully to enable students to study drama, instruments, speech, film, TV production, playwriting, design, décor is Hindu Gymkhana Karachi which is in the heart of the city.

b. Rafi Peer Theater

Art of Puppet Making

• An important festival of South Asia and World’s Largest Puppet Festival:

In 1992 First International Puppet Festival Pakistan was arranged in Pakistan. The Festival was dedicated to peace & harmony in the world through the art of puppetry. This event with a taste of different cultures through performances from all over the world helped enhancing soft image of Pakistan abroad. A sequel of this Festival in 1994 was dedicated to conservation of the environment. Then in 1996 Third International Puppet Festival Pakistan 1996 was held which was dedicated to Pakistan’s 50 years of Independence. Fourth International Puppet Festival Pakistan 1998 was also a breakthrough of this series. The Fifth International Puppet Festival Pakistan 2000 was a joyful event with hopes of peace and love for all with the puppets, the music, the traditions and the laughter from all around the world. The International Puppet Festival was described by the BBC World News as “The largest puppet festival in the world”.

• National Dance Festival

1995 was held by Rafi Peer Group Pakistan with an objective to promote Pakistan’s reputation in the cultural field & to acknowledge the work of the choreographers/dancers who continued to strive in the harshest of landscapes.

• International Theatre and Dance Festival:

The First International Theatre and Dance Festival 1996 was one of its kinds to be held in Pakistan comprising of plays both of foreign and local theatre companies. The Second International Theatre and Dance Festival 1997 and then the Third in 1999.

• Youth Theatre Festival Lahore 2002:

The aim of the theatre is to develop the aesthetic proclivity of the young theatre and then to enhance it. This is big platform to encourage the young talent and the dramatic arts of the present times. The theme of the festival 2002 was “Peace and Harmony”. The third youth Theatre Festival was organized in January 2003 with performances by various, schools, colleges and various independent amateur theatre groups and the 4th Youth Theatre Festival in January 2004. These festivals became a phenomenon involving multitudes of young talents and techniques and mass participation of the youth.


• First Sufi Soul World Music Festival Pakistan 2000:

The Sufi Soul World Music Festival was arranged with an unique theme of getting together the sounds of Sufi, Soul, Folk, Roots, Folk-influenced rock, Fusion Contemporary, Ethnic traditions and reinterpretation of world of music to create an unforgettable occasion of this global ocean of music. Then the Second Sufi Soul World Music Festival Pakistan was held in 2001.World Music Festival was arranged with an unique theme of getting together the sounds of Sufi, Soul, Folk, Roots, Folk-influenced rock, Fusion Contemporary, Ethnic traditions and reinterpretation of world of music to create an unforgettable occasion of this global ocean of music. Then the Second Sufi Soul World Music Festival Pakistan was held in 2001.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Pathanay Khan
Abida Parveen

• Modern Age Music of Pakistan:

Apart from the traditional classical and cultural music, Pakistan's inspiring youth has been at the forefront all over the world when it comes to modren age music. The passionate and energetic youth has really helped in portraying Pakistan as a true modren society with the blend of its rich culture showing the enlightened face of the Islamic society.

3. ART

• The land of Pakistan is known for the richness of its art and culture. The arts, whether it is calligraphy or miniature all draw heavily from its history. The diversity in expression is another prominent feature of art hailing from this land. The Pakistani artists seek to re-create text in a modern context, revive the art of miniature paintings, deal with the question of identity in reference to politics and culture and address the issue of gender through their work. Shakir Ali, Gulgee, Sadequain and Chughtai are just to name a few who have left indelible imprints in the international world of art. Other than them Saeed Akhtar, Bashir Mirza, Jamal Shah, Ahmad Parvez, Ashraf Gohar Goréja, Masood Kohari, Askari mian Irani ,Anna Molka , Saleema Hashmi, , Saima Safeer are artists whose work has made the Pakistani art scene more pulsating.

• These festivals portray the positive, cosmopolitan and a progressive image of Pakistan. Moreover, these festivals have projected Pakistan in the global arts map as one of the countries rich in arts and culture These festivals provided a chance to the artists from all over the world to come to Pakistan and to interact and understand Pakistan and its openhearted and warm people.

To glimpse the videos of these colourful and joyful events visit the social category of multimedia gallery…..

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Sep 21, 2004

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