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PostSubject: [color=darkblue]DEMAND OF IMPARTIAL JUDGES FROM THE UNITED N   [color=darkblue]DEMAND OF IMPARTIAL JUDGES FROM THE UNITED N Icon_minitimeWed Apr 23, 2008 12:46 pm

Prophet Joseph was accused of offence and imprisoned in the jail and remained there for a long period and when he was ordered to be released from imprisonment, he refused to obey his order of release only for this reason that the allegation with which he underwent so long period in the prison had not properly been investigated and he had not properly tried in the Court of that time. He demanded for the judicial trial prevalent at time and voluntarily surrendered/offered himself for judicial trial, his case was properly tried, and after judicial scrutiny/process, those who were responsible for his extra-judicial imprisonment honourably acquitted him. He was at liberty to come out of the prison because the authorities of the State had released him but he preferred to come out of the prison with clean hands/without any stigma of criminality on his character.

The above incident took place in a time which has not been recorded anywhere in the books of history but has been come down to us only through the Revealed Books of Al-mighty Allah (God) and finally has come to use through the Holy Quran.

This incident has taught us a lesson that a person should not live with any scar/stigma of allegation in the society but should wash it with prevalent way of Judicial Process and through the persons especially appointed for the purpose.

The purpose of writing the above incident was mainly to invite the attention of my those compatriots who have exonerated themselves from every allegation either through the use of NRO (National Reconciliatory Ordinance) or adopted the method of agitation, protests, boycotts, accusing their own colleague Judges sitting in the Supreme Judicial Council for the enquiry in the Charge-sheet and disruption of the prevalent methodology to the above rule of antiquity established at a time when there was no civilization according to the modern parameters.

Those who demand the restoration of Judges and those Judges who avoided even the Constitutional body of Supreme Judicial Council, for the restoration of which they and their supporters have made hue and cry for the last more than one year, and those who facilitated the issuance of the NRO and that person who issued the NRO are the passengers of the same boat.

It is very strange that those who have declared the President Musharraf the “de facto” President have never opposed the NRO, have accepted it “de jure” and valid Ordinance, and have never spoken a word against it because they have been highly benefited by this Ordinance. They are opposing the President day and night on the Electronic Media but not wasted a moment in submitting applications to all kinds of the Courts not only in this Country but also abroad for the stoppage of the Criminal Proceedings against themselves, under that Ordinance which has been issued by that President whom they oppose every moment. They never disputed the NRO because it has proved a tool of panacea for the all the Politicians and Civil Servants who were under trial in various Courts.

Supreme Judicial Council was relegated to nonentity by those Jurists who declare themselves Champions of the ‘Rule of Law’ in this Country and in which people of their folk were sitting with whom they had relations for the years but even they did not trusted their own colleagues in the SJC.

At present, the situation has become so tense and intricate that no one is willing to accept the Judgment of any institution relating to any other person and that is why the Parliament has rightly realized the gravity of the situation and passed a Resolution and demanded from the Government that the investigation of the murder case of Mohtarma Shaheed Benazir Bhutto should be conducted by the U.N.O.

The above Resolution has led me to infer that the situation in the Country is of such critical nature that the Parliament of the Country demands investigation of cases through U.N.O.

At this moment, I consider myself justified in demanding from the same Parliament that we need not only the investigating staff from the U.N.O. but also impartial Judges who will then try that case which the foreign persons investigate at present.

Being the citizen of Pakistan, I also consider myself justified in demanding from the Parliament that every case of murder, dacoity, misappropriation of funds, injury to the Property, life, liberty and honour of every citizen be investigated through the U.N.O. because existence of the Parliament is due to the sacred votes of these helpless people of Pakistan and it should be the primary obligation of the Parliament to discharge its duty in case of every individual of this Country as it is ambitious in the case of the Ex-Prime Minister and leader of a Political Party which is in power today in the Country. Justice should be done and justice seen to be done. Double standard in the dispensation of justice is no justice at all. Under the Constitution of Pakistan, a beggar and the Head of State and Government have same status. Any discrimination in them is the violation of the Constitution and any one who violated the Constitution is liable for punishment.

The duty of the Judges from the U.N.O. should not only be to try the murder case of Benazir Bhutto but should also be to try those cases which have been withdrawn under the NRO. The Judges should also find out that who has instituted false and cases against any other person. The Criminal of instituting false cases be dealt according to the law of the land but should also be subjected to pay the amount in U.S. dollars which have been spent on the prosecution of those cases. Full justice will be done if this suggestion was implemented. Similarly, those Judges who avoided the SJC, their cases should also be submitted before those honourable Judges from abroad for their final verdict.

Let every accused person being acquitted through NRO should live in this Country free from every criminal charge through the adjudication of foreign Judges.

Let every Judge who sits to decide the destinies of others should also submit himself to judicial process before the foreign Judges for their final verdict regarding his conduct and character in relation to his judicial performance.

Let every citizen of this Country should realize that he has been properly dealt according to the Law of the Country and Judicial Norms of Justice and should feel proud being a Pakistan and play his role in its strength, prosperity and development in whatever capacity he is serving at present.
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