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 No Scope of Preventive Medicine in Pakistan?

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No Scope of Preventive Medicine in Pakistan? Empty
PostSubject: No Scope of Preventive Medicine in Pakistan?   No Scope of Preventive Medicine in Pakistan? Icon_minitimeFri Jan 02, 2009 9:38 pm

The people of Pakistan are not happy with the type of treatment available in Pakistan, and they have been always demanding that replace this treatment with the one which is used in developed countries like USA and UK. I am a medical student, I was taking a class during which our professor told us that in Pakistan few doctors took the risk of doing a diploma course in Preventive Cardiology after completion of MBBS, by which they can reduce the number of diseased persons [Heart Diseases], reduce the chances of diseases [Heart Diseases], and our people welcomed their such step by not visiting their clinics, these doctors are called Preventive Cardiologists.

Few countable doctors of Pakistan did a diploma in preventive cardiology after MBBS, and became the preventive cardiologist. Till today you have heard the name of cardiologist but many of you might have heard the name of preventive cardiologist for the first time. Those doctors who treat the diseases of Heart [Cardiovascular diseases], are called Cardiologist and those who check the healthy persons and give them advices regarding prevention of Heart Diseases [Cardiovascular Diseases] are called Preventive Cardiologists.

In Pakistan very few have visited these Preventive Cardiologists to take advices, the response of our people have made these doctors to think that whether they had made a mistake by doing this diploma, or whether they had made a mistake by thinking to facilitate the people of Pakistan. In Pakistan, many facilities are absent, and among these absent facilities one is “Lack of Medical Awareness Programs”. Such programs are arranged in few Big Cities, but inspite of local uneducated people, doctors themselves were attending. This is wrong, although some doctors too need awareness but local people especially needs this.

We should arrange programs regarding knowledge and prevention of common and fatal diseases, how can we stay healthy, how can we prevent diseases, what’s good and what’s bad for our body, etc. If we can’t arrange this sort of programs in every city, then we should telecast such programs on air, so that every common people should see and understand the need of such knowledge.

I request the government to invest money in arrangement of Medical Awareness Programs, I request the Senior and Experienced doctors to take part in educating the people regarding health, and last but not the least I request the every common people, that please wherever you see such programs, do attend that, its our need. Don’t visit doctors only after illness, do visit them during healthiness to maintain it.

Mubashir Shaikh
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No Scope of Preventive Medicine in Pakistan?
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